Thin brick you can

have confidence in

With over 400 color choices, Michigan Brick has the extensive color pallet to support your vision.

In addition, our thin brick is compatible with every thin brick wall system in the market today.

With unparalleled product selection meeting today’s rigorous building standards, Michigan Brick stands ready to be your thin brick resource.

Riverbend (made-to-order)

Panelized Systems

Don’t let tight schedules and site constraints put a damper on your project. Michigan’s thin brick is ideal for offsite panelization.  Our strong knowledge of panelized systems, coupled with our relationships with panelizers, can help provide design assist strategies on your next project.

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The Thin Brick Advantage

Thin brick takes your vision higher

We often meet with architects who want to utilize brick on mid and high rise structures. Thin brick systems are the perfect solution. In fact, it is commonplace to use full brick on the first 2 levels of a building and transition to thin brick for the upper levels. Partner with Michigan Brick to learn how thin brick can reduce the facade weight and add value through lighter weight, less site disturbance and shorter construction cycles.

Thin brick brings consistency to multi location builds

Thin brick can bring brand consistency to companies with locations around the country. Full brick is heavier and costly to ship long distances. When you are looking for a consistent visitor experience at multiple structures across North American, thin brick is a cost effective solution.

Thin brick gets your project done faster

It can be hard to find a skilled brick mason to get your project done on time, but virtually any general construction laborer can install a thin brick system. Thin brick can also be incorporated into panels which are produced off site – a great opportunity to accelerate your schedule, reduce job site labor and control all quality aspects of your facade. Early collaboration with Michigan Brick’s wall system support team will help get your project completed on time and on budget.

Thin brick systems save money

Taken at face value, a thin brick product can appear more expensive than full brick. However, when analyzing thin brick as a wall system, economies can be realized through weight reduction, schedule acceleration and/or meeting more stringent building codes. Working with our wall system experts; we can help you define the most affordable and expedient method to incorporate thin brick into your overall design.

Michigan Brick takes the confusion out of thin brick

We are here to help support your project. Our team is well versed in various thin brick wall systems and providing the design assistance you need to make the best decision for your project. We will listen to your needs, understand your constraints and present your best options. We work with architects and designers everyday and look forward to working with you.